Monday, January 27, 2014

A derpy today.

Not much has really happened today. I was a try-hard in PE again and got 10 seconds better time on the daily workout than most people, I was so tired, I almost fell asleep for the first time in class and I watched more anime on my friend's phone.

An update on the theft.

I know who the thief is, but he notoriously lies, sells illegal items and steals from people like me, so I am unable to do anything. I really just want my gaming devices back with all my games. Now the only thing I have left is an Ocarina.

(This image is actually an exact replica of what I own)

Any Legend of Zelda fans out there? Because this instrument is where it is most commonly related to. My think that this instrument is a blue submarine. But when I blew on it...they were quite surprised. 

I hope all of you readers-of-my-completely-random-blog have a nice day. Or a good afternoon. Or a good night.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Bronies vs. Otakus(Anime-watchers) vs. Gamers

Think about this carefully.

Which of these fandoms would realistically win in an IRL fight with weapons?
I prefer to remain in a state of neutrality, but I find myself leaning towards Otakus mainly because I am one.

Bronies have teh morales and teh magicks. Otakus have the fighting/translation/deception/anime skills. And Gamers have reaction time/gun skills/real-life situation skills.


Oes Noes! I hate thieves! do I say this? My things were just stolen from me at school. Why don't I replace them? Well, I kinda lost more than you might think. I lost my 3DS and all my games, my TracPhone, my entire wallet's contents, all my gift cards, My iPod with most of my games and music, and a few other things. My friend, Devin, also lost some things. But not nearly as much as I did. It was partly my fault because I left my backpack out along with everyone else... but, no matter.

Well, onto happy news! I still remain content with my computer games and Wii and Anime is still freaking awesome. If you don't know what anime is, then I highly suggest you start watching some because some anime series are amazing. My anime-love started when a manga book in the library caught my eye. One Piece Chapter 342. I read it and found it amazing! I searched it up online and found that it was also an animated series. I recommend watching a mainstream anime first, though. Something like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tale. Then watch an uncommonly known one such as Sword Art online (Personal fav.), Dangan Ronpa, Clannad, Angel Beats or Code Geass.

Really, there are many animes you can watch and if you are interested, you should check out some online communities!

Thanks for reading, and keep having an awesome day!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Woot! Just got 3 new games. Well, technically it's 2 physical games. One is a preorder. I got Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Pokemon X (The preorder) and finally, Luigi's Mansion, Darkmoon. Please tell me hints and tips to help me please!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Scouting in Brandon's Life

Now, for my third post, I will talk about my Scouting life. It has been fun so far; hiking, camping and other things in the outdoors. As my first post read, I am doing this blog for scouting. Specifically for my Communications merit badge. But I do more than just this. Getting merit badges is no easy task. Right now, on my Spring Break, I am inside typing on my mom's PC for my merit badge. It may be easier for other people to obtain the merit badges, but for me, it's 'get done whatever you can as soon as possible'. My aim, like all other scouts, is to become an

It is the highest ranking of a Boy Scout. And, you can get special awards called Eagle Palms after attaining Eagle rank. Currently, I am a Star Scout. Before, I was a Tenderfoot, then I advanced to Second Class, then Fist class, then Star. My next step is to become a Life scout. And to do that, I need these merit badges to advance. I am doing all I can to get to Eagle because it will help me get into a good college. I hope my message has encouraged some people to join scouting. Thank you for reading.


So, hello once again (wow, sounded like tobuscus). For this post, I will be talking about my favorite sport. Which is......*drumroll*! Yay! Anyone else like basketball? Please write in the comments below. I have been practicing basketball since I was very little. Now, I am pretty good at it. Although I do not shoot very well, I can drive and defend against my opponents well. We are currently doing a basketball unit in PE. I would have gotten into the finals if not for a mistake in the bracket list. So, we ended up not playing any team officially. If the mistake were not to be made, we would have been in the championship game and probably would have won it. Well, that's water under the bridge now, so I am going to forget it. Anyway, I do not watch any games on TV and am not interested in many other sports. If you can guess, you'd know perfectly well what I'd like to be doing when I have nothing to do.

Yay! First Post!

Hello, my name is Brandon Uenaka. And I am a boy scout. For my Communications merit badge, I am making a blog about what I like to do. My main and most favored activity that I like to do is Gaming (Typical, much?). I have played many games; online, on a system (like the Wii), and in the form of a hand-held. I love 4 games in particular. Kirby (besides 'Epic Yarn' because that one was too easy and sort of boring), The Legend of Zelda (I'm playing Twilight Princess currently an am at the 3rd temple), Minecraft (I play as much as possible, which isn't very much because I can't install Java for a reason), and Kingdom Hearts (in which I find the storyline very interesting and the songs are great as well).

I've waited a few years and my game favorites have changed. I now play TF2 much more than Minecraft and Kirby kind of died out. Oh well. Keep living!